Nationwide Network

Riverpoint Capital Partners has Nationwide strategic partners in all areas of distress, workout, REO disposition, Property Preservation and Management.

Fast all cash closings are our specialty. We “drill down” to find the missing value in today’s market even when the asset appears upside down. Our valuation experts will target a troubled asset, absorb all mitigating criteria and make the “Best Case / Best Offer” providing three core criteria:

CERTAINTY-Seller’s that enter into contract with Riverpoint, CLOSE!
SPEED-Upon reaching an initial agreement, our Due Diligence begins same day, with completion under most cases 7-10 business days  
FAIRNESS – In part, created by the first two items. Determining value in todays market that is constantly moving is no easy task. At Riverpoint, we do not simply “make a case” we clearly identify WHY and within what timeline. Holding on to an overvalued or undervalued asset in today’s market is simply not a strategy for survival.

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