Riverpoint Capital Partners, LLC

Our mission has focused on a simple strategy:

Identify Opportunity
Our ability to identify opportunity is a function of experience and relationships. Many of our staff has over 32 years of experience in real estate brokerage, development, construction, capital markets, and REO Preservation/Management/Securing/Disposition. Our decision-makers started from the ground up in the field. As investors, we understand the criteria while structuring transactions that will achieve objectives while enhancing value to projects.

Manage Risk
We have outstanding relationships in the commercial lending, investment banking, and capital markets arena. We are direct resource affiliates to private money financing solutions. This has enabled us to develop debt structures and capital deployment for individual transactions and achieve precise execution at closing. Riverpoint is well regarded as a sponsor with a flawless reputation within the Special Asset community. During times of rising non-performing loans, REO, and challenging borrowers these relationships have enabled us to obtain multiple solutions for non-performing/underperforming asset disposition within our network or direct acquisition for repositioning.

Riverpoint values the relationships we have with our strategic partners. Given the number of transactions consummated and the dollar volumes involved, we have many successful capital partners over the years. 

Create Value
Before an asset is acquired, our team evaluates the upside potential from every angle. Our “Best use/Best case” analysis is then packaged to present our internal investor base as well as strategic partners or end-user with a clear direction for value enhancement.

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